Monday, August 8, 2011

We have MOVED!

New blog for the Prince family - now a resource to learn and grow in YOUR life of living with purpose!

See you there!
Sarah and Casey

Monday, July 25, 2011

Oh Jekyll, how I love you...

What can I even say after another incredible week at the Fun in the Son camp at Jekyll Island, Georgia.  Upon arriving at camp for another crazy week, I realized that it was my 14th summer there and that the night speaker Kenn Kington, and worship leader Todd Fields, were both at my first event.  I vividly remember looking up in awe of these great men of God as they led me closer to Jesus Christ and began to dream of a day when I might also get to influence young people.  14 years later I joined these men at this same camp to be the morning speaker.  I can't explain how humbling that is - and only through the grace of our God!  Early in the hours of our first night at FITS we reunite with so many old friends that have become a family after so many years of receiving and ministering together.  

It was an amazing and blessed week and just PACKED with people and sharing.  My talks in the AM went really well and so many young people responded to different parts and kept engaging me with questions and thoughts.  LOVE that.  Kieren struggled in sharing me with 1000 people, but it was a blast of a week.  We love the Youth Conference Ministry family and are so privileged to work with them and love students in the churches we connect with.  THANK YOU if you were a part of this last epic FITS! I pray that God will continue to strengthen and be so REAL to you as you live as living sacrifices!!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Everyday Faith

Sarah, Minky, and Ntokozo

Today I want to share again some poetry from Minky, Ntokozo's cousin who lives near us and is also very special to us.  She has a beautiful heart and GIFT for writing poetry!  She inspires me and I know she will inspire you too!
- sarah

Minky Gumede
i've been through some challenges in life not knowing what to do and who to talk to...but what if i gave up? i've felt the feeling of fear but with the love, hope, and perseverence that the lord has given me i've managed to jump all over those hurting feelings but i never gave the world of tears and sadness i've been there driven by the difficulties of life but with the strength and power that i've been given by the lord i've managed to come back, back to the world of smiles and happiness...
which is why i say that i will never give up on him

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thank You!

Friends and family,
We have just finished a VERY hectic few weeks in the United States and now in Georgia for some work at camps and then to Oregon for coaching lisencure for Casey.  It's been CRAZY but we are so thankful!  THANK YOU to everyone who has come to our events and already signed up to support our ministry for the next year!  We are humbled and blown away by the sacrifices and gifts made already.  We know God has many great things in store and can't wait to share the journey ahead with you!

Lots of love,
Casey, Sarah, and Kieren

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Antoine and Mathy Update

The Musemena family of Antoine and Mathy and kids Onesie and Christ

Many of you have heard over the last few years of my respect and love for the Musemena family; Congolese refugees who were living in Cape Town serving Jesus Christ and great friends to our family.  They fled for their lives from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) but for the years they lived in Cape Town they felt God calling them to return to their home to minister to God's people there.  They have endured more than anyone I know, but FINALLY are reunited and together in Kisangani, DRC.  

So when I saw the news article this week about a plane crash in the DRC, I just KNEW that they hadn't been on that plane, even though I was waiting for confirmation that the family was reunited.  I just KNEW that God wouldn't have allowed them to be on the plane.  They weren't on the plane, but were SUPPOSED to be.  They had tickets for that flight, and by some family circumstances didn't take that flight.  They are still alive today and once again God has spared them and protected them.  I am in awe of God's hand on this family and their grace through so many challenges.  

See their organization here:

Please keep them in your prayers!

Monday, July 11, 2011

More Poetry from Minky

(Minky in center, Ntokozo on right)

...looking back at those days of my life everyday as the sun sets i realise that i'm not the person that i was yesterday,i'm not the person who i was gonna be but i am who i am today because i have the power to decide,to decice about everything in my life.I have the power to decide, decide who i wanna be i'll follow my heart and my dreams, i'll seek knowledge that i have been given by the lord and i know that he will help me, help me to take that step and be my own leader, and i'll pray and let my decisions be heard...

-Minky Gumede

Sunday, July 10, 2011

WHEW update!

Hey peeps!

Just wanted to shoot you a quick update about life in Prince world here in the United States.  It is CRAZY!  We knew it would be that way, but time is flying by and days seem like minutes!  It has been a wonderful and beautiful time of connecting with our family, friends, and community in Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina so far.  We had time with my family in Charlotte and my parents hosted a fundraising event at their church Harrison UMC.  Then today we preached at our home church, Grace Community, in Raleigh, and had a meeting with our missions committee and our personal support team.   Kieren is having the TIME OF HER LIFE, and right now still in Charlotte living it up with her Lita, Papa, cousin Kieren, Auntie Lauren, and Uncle Tre-Tre.  She is happy and loving being spoiled.  Life is great here.  We are super busy and just trying to make the MOST of every moment by meeting with people and connecting about what God is doing in South Africa AND what He is doing here.  This week is preparing for an event our church is hosting Thursday night for us to fundraise and preparing for our FITS camp that starts on Sunday.  WHEW!!  Having a blast and loving sharing God's stories.

Keep us in your prayers on this crazy journey!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Poetry from Minky

Ntokozo and Minky
Recently Minky told me that she writes poetry and keeps a big book of it all.  WOW!  I asked if she would begin to share it with me, and then thought I would share it with all of you.  Let me remind you of who she is: Minky is also an orphan, and Ntokozo's cousin who also lives with their aunt and uncle.  We love her so much and Ntokozo and Minky visit us OFTEN and stay with us too.  Minky is a very special young woman!

The Mighty One
THE MIGHTY ONE...he is my friend that i love very much, he understands me, he is the one i turn to for help,he is the one that would never abounden me,i will never forget him for all the goods he has done for me i know that my lord is creater of everything,my lord is who we lord TURNS DARKNESS INTO LIGHT.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Missionary Revelations

Since we've been home I've discovered a few "Missionary Revelations", things that seem obvious (maybe) but are certainly significant to me. 
Some are silly:
"There are far more good radio stations in America than in South Africa."
"McDonalds is far more appealing in South Africa than in America."

But some have some depth:
"You can have 2 homes at the same time and miss both equally."  

This was one feels particularly poignant right now.  We've been back to the USA for a week now.  Some things feel different- driving, stores opened/closed, number of options, streets changed- but much of it has remained the same, especially relationships.  It's always amazing that the relationships we forged over years here still continue with great depth.  But now I miss Cape Town.  The Academy boys, practice everyday, our house, Ocean View, GRANNY!!!!, our churches there, and other small things.  However, all year I long for some of my favorite people and things in America.  Both places feel like home.  One is a little more broken in, and both are special.  
I'm very thankful it's like this.  We certainly aren't miserable in Cape Town.  We have great community and a great life there.  But it all works because we have amazing community, support, and love here in North Carolina.  It's really like we are double blessed!   


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guest Writer

So happy to introduce one of my great friends and inspiration in Ocean View: Cindy James!  
She is the daughter of one of my View ladies and leaders in my women's group and at OV Methodist Church, the girlfriend of our Ubuntu employee, Treswill (pictured with Cindy below), and just someone the Prince family loves!  Cindy is an amazing woman of God and a shining light in our community.  She teaches at one of the OV primary schools and has a beautiful heart.  I have asked her to begin writing for our blog some so you can hear her heart and perspective of life in Ocean View.  I know you will love her just as much as we do (okay, that is actually not possible!).  Enjoy!

“I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.” (George Washington Carver)

Having the privilege of walking up the mountain close to where I live in Ocean View, Cape Town RSA was a real awakening within my spirit.
When one detaches themselves from a particular situation you can gaze at it afresh. While sitting on the mountain top I looked down and observed that because of the height, the community looked so small; tiny houses, cars and people like MnMs. I had a bird’s eye view of the community which I am a part of.

Looking at my community from a distance allowed for my thoughts to come into perspective. It made me see how God views us and is able to have His eye on everything; thus seeing the bigger picture. When we are in a specific area all we see are our surroundings and therefore only want or desire things we feel we need.  Yet God is able to see way ahead. I was reminded of the truth where God says His thoughts are neither my thoughts nor my ways His, (Isaiah 55:8) and rightly so ‘cause we are far from seeing as God does.

After seeing all I could and enjoying the experience I descended the mountain. In descending the mountain the sounds of the cars and people became audible once more. It reminded me that life goes on and some of us become like “cogs in a machine” operating as we always have in our sometimes dismal circumstances and situations (some we’ve created for ourselves.)

The situation got me thinking about when we have our individual, inspirational moments and times when God speaks to us during our quiet time. The time God speaks could be compared to the perspective gained while on the mountain top. The descending from the mountain could be viewed as how I continue with life. The question is whether I choose to continue as I always have or if I decide to make the necessary (as tough or painful as it may seem) changes.

Not many things in our communities change because many people become like- minded and forget what they have been called to do. They get caught up in a pattern of life that in no way benefits their current or future situations.  Like a room with four walls we can get so accustomed to the surroundings and forget there is a door to something other.
Writing this piece is something other for me. What have you decided to do differently today and have you tuned in your radio to the correct station?                    

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy America!

What a gift to be able to celebrate the fourth of July in America this year.  Honestly, I'm not really a patriotic person and range from very opinionated about politics to completely useless and ignorant.  BUT, being here after a year and a half living in Africa makes me so thankful for this place and humbled that God allowed me to be born here.  Because I am an American by birth I have privileges that I would never have in any other country and God has brought me to see His glory in incredible places all over the world.  God is amazing and I am thankful for all He has given us in Cape Town, but today I am thankful for America, the freedom to worship God and profess my faith with confidence, and take His love all over the world.


Thursday, June 30, 2011


I was driving around last night at about one in the morning.

You know, just for fun.


Kiers seems to have an ear infection/was having an allergic reaction in the middle of the night/she is a toddler and her body is SO CONFUSED by traveling for 30 hours. 

We were out looking for meds in the middle of the night.  And can I say it was SO NICE to be able to get what we needed at 1am.  Cuz in Africa only the bars are open then.  That might have helped meeee but not Kieren at that moment...

Anywhoo, I was driving around North Raleigh in the middle of the night, and so took the long way home and drove by our old house.  It looks so sweet and nice and quiet (we still own it and are renting it).  All the streets in Raleigh look so sweet and familiar and lovely.  It's so nice to be here.  It feels totally normal and totally weird all at the same time.

I have concluded that we do in fact have two full homes.  We feel completely at home in Raleigh and we feel completely at home in Ocean View.  It's official.

But it's the community in RAleigh (and beyond) that sent us to Ocean View, prayed for us, and believed in us on this incredible journey.  So the second home can never be possible without the first.  So it's great to be back at the first home.

But I also miss the View.  I miss Granny.  I miss our little gangsters.  I miss everyone.  I miss Ocean View.

So thankful to be in the US.  Excited for the ministry in the coming month.  Expectant for what God is going to do.

Glad to be home, and miss home all at the same time.

What a brilliant problem to have.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So Hard to Say Goodbye

Even though we know we are only leaving SA for five weeks, it was SO HARD to say goodbye.

And exhausting.

Because EVERYONE came to our house yesterday and today to say goodbye.  EVERYONE.

I was telling Casey how exhausting it was to say goodbye and he politely brought it to light how BEAUTIFUL it is that so many people wanted to say goodbye.

Granny Jacoba was there almost all day looking so sullen and being very uncharacteristically quiet.

Roseka, Kieren's little friend on our street, stood outside for an hour hoping to get a hug from Kieren before she left (she was napping up until we took off in the car).

Kyle and Vano were around ALL day playing X-box, helping with little details, and already starting to BEG Jordan to give them things we would never give them.  :)

The View youth were over yesterday and today laughing and talking about how bummed they were we were leaving.

Auntie Katie, Granny's BFF came over and sat on the couch with Granny the last hour and then hugged us goodbye.  We made her promise she would take care of our granny.

My View women came over last night for one last laugh and hug.

Treswell gave us a 'word' from Scripture that God had laid on his heart before we left.

We got SO MANY texts and calls today to tell us goodbye.

I just feel so honored and humbled that we are so loved by our Ocean View community.  It is a privilege that we are loved so well.

And now we are on our way to our USA family.

Ready to get tan and fat.