Monday, July 18, 2011

Everyday Faith

Sarah, Minky, and Ntokozo

Today I want to share again some poetry from Minky, Ntokozo's cousin who lives near us and is also very special to us.  She has a beautiful heart and GIFT for writing poetry!  She inspires me and I know she will inspire you too!
- sarah

Minky Gumede
i've been through some challenges in life not knowing what to do and who to talk to...but what if i gave up? i've felt the feeling of fear but with the love, hope, and perseverence that the lord has given me i've managed to jump all over those hurting feelings but i never gave the world of tears and sadness i've been there driven by the difficulties of life but with the strength and power that i've been given by the lord i've managed to come back, back to the world of smiles and happiness...
which is why i say that i will never give up on him

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