Friday, February 27, 2009

Another good meeting

Today we traveled to visit Grandpa and Abuela Loca in Charlotte (Sarah's parents). While here I got to meet with Pat Stewart who is President of Missionary Athletes International, the parent company of the Charlotte Eagles. I spent one season after college playing professional soccer with the Eagles. It was a good experience and the relationship has continued. Many of you will remember that in December of 2004 I went on tour to India and Sri Lanka with the Eagles.

I was really seeking wisdom today. The Eagles have a lot of great contacts in the Sports Ministry world and were my major introduction into Sports Ministry. Pat was able to suggest a lot of people and organizations that I should also contact. I also asked him lots of questions about fundraising for both our living expenses and for the whole organization.
Pat said that it was good to see what we are planning on doing. That it's encouraging to know how my time there with the Eagles is influencing our future.
If interested, check out the Eagles at

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Saying Yes to the Journey Ahead...

This week we are starting to really begin looking ahead to the next phase of our lives, moving to South Africa this summer. There are many preparations ahead and we are starting to chip away at them piece by piece. It all can be overwhelming, but I know the greatest challenge ahead will be the emotional piece of moving our lives and hearts to another country for a season. This quote really encouraged me this week and reminded me of God's call on our family - that we are not 'giving up' things but saying 'yes' to God and His heart for our lives. We are blessed!


We seem to think that God wants us to give up things! God never tells us to give up things just for the sake of giving them up, but He tells us to give them up for the sake of the only thing worth having, namely, life with Himself. -Oswald Chambers

Kieren's First Bath!


Last night we had a fun milestone - Kieren had her first real bath! She has been getting just 'sponge' baths all her short life so far, as we had been waiting for her umbilical cord to completely fall out. We decided last night was the special night for the big event - and it was so fun! She was pretty calm for most of it - but I think that's because she couldn't even take in what was happening. It was adorable and she did great! What a fun way to get a clean baby!! Life is fun!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A new player on our team

Our good friends Ivy and Joey Pointer had their little girl last night! Chandler Day Pointer was born Monday night. She weighs 6lbs 3 oz. We're excited to have her on our girls' soccer team! So, we've got Paige Crawley, Avery Edwards, Kennedy Edwards, Kieren, and now Chandler. We should have a good little team!!
So, pray for her and her parents as they transition into this new phase. And pray that Joey would figure out how to change diapers!!


Mornings at the Prince home

We have a wonderful new routine that has evolved in the Prince house with Kieren in our lives! First thing in the morning, around the 6 or 7 hour, Kieren wakes me up to eat and enjoy the sunrise. Then we have breakfast and hang for a while until Daddy gets up. Once Casey is up, he takes Kieren to share breakfast and reading the paper with her. Then he takes her to our big, comfy chair in our office, which I have named the 'quiet time' chair. It's our place to do our Bible reading, just relax, and it fits the entire family (even Lance the dog). Casey takes Kieren with him for his morning time with God and reads to her out of the Bible and they pray together. How awesome is that! I think Kieren was a bit scared of the Old Testament book of Hosea, but now Casey has moved on to reading about Jesus in the book of Mark. She loves that time in the morning and is always so happy, as you can see. Mornings are so special in our house!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kieren's GROWING....

Good morning!

Just wanted to share an update about Kieren's one-month pediatrician appointment we had on Monday morning. Can you believe it, but she weighs 10 pounds 3 ounces now?!? What a BIG girl! She has almost gained 3 pounds since birth and is in the 75% for her age in weight. We could tell her belly and cheeks were expanding, but what a healthy little girl she is!! Everything else checked out great and we continue to have a perfect little girl (their words, not ours... but do agree...). There are so many ways she is growing up as she makes more eye contact and response to people, has great hand and arm movement, is holding her head up more and more, and this month we look forward to lots of smiles as she figures out that part of her ability and personality. She is truly a very happy baby.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Here I am to Romance"

Sarah and I made this video for church today. She was preaching on love and we had a lot of fun showing how 'romantic' I am. It is my real voice, by the way. I did have several recording contract offers and got my yellow ticket to go to Hollywood for American Idol, but I think I'll stick to my day job.

Sarah's sermon was very good and really challenging. Hopefully in a few days you can listen to it at


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kieren's First Month!

Hey everyone!

Can you believe it - Kieren turned one month old this week?!? Our lives with Kieren continue to move forward in warp speed - where have the weeks gone? Everyday brings something new as she is growing more and more - as evidenced by her big belly and chubby cheeks. She is more alert during the day, and today she even responded to me with a SMILE! I am not kidding! I melted :) Our nights are continuing to go well as she sleeps pretty good and wakes up to eat one or two times all night. Don't get too jealous, we do have our 'fussy' nights too where she forgets our sleeping deal (she sleeps good at night and mom and dad aren't crazy people the next day...), but we are learning patience as she grows with us! With the warm weather we have been loving our new jogging stroller and spending lots of time on walks and run. She is an active girl already! Also this week she had a couple restaurant visits, one with our kick-butt cycling class group and another with our friends Patrick and Ashleigh. She did great! We will still use a baby-sitter for our real dates (which we had our first of last week - dinner AND a movie!), but it's nice to know she can handle our busy lifestyle. Just preparation for Africa - and so far she is ready to travel!

This is an exciting weekend as I will be preaching at our three church services at our church in Raleigh, Grace Community Church. I was privileged to share last weekend, as well, in youth group, but this is my first time really 'back' to normal life in ministry. I will be talking about 'love' in the theme of Valentine's Day weekend, and I am SUPER excited to be back. Say a prayer for me!

Lots of love,

South Africa is in my blood

Today was the start of the Super 14 Rugby season. Rugby is part of me now! I paid $10 for the rights to watch all the games today, but I really wanted to see the Stormers (From Cape Town) play the Sharks (from Durban)! I love the Stormers and my friends Mike Jenks, Mike Massingham, and my flatmate Mandy are fans of the Sharks. So, there was some pride involved.
The Stormers jumped out to a 10-0 halftime lead. Basically the scored one 'try' (like a touchdown but only worth 5 points) and had the conversion (instead of 1 point in football, you get two). Later they scored a penalty kick (essentially like a field goal, but it occurs when a penalty is called).
The Sharks came roaring back after the break and took a 20-10 lead. Then, the Stormers responded with a great try. But the conversion attempt hit the upright and bounced away from the field. That meant we had to score another try to tie the score. That became very important as a penalty was called late that would have led to a kick that would have tied the score, but we couldn't take it.
It was really fun to watch, though. Just reminded me how excited I am to be back there one day and watching rugby again at Newlands Stadium. Go Stormers!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Report on Meeting

My meeting with the folks at CASL felt successful. They seemed interesting it supporting us and being our partner in ways that make sense for them. I can definitely see them helping with collecting equipment, coaching structures and resources, and maybe even allowing some of our players to come across and play in the Academy if we develop some that are good enough.
I was encouraged by their interest and the fact that they recognized that I was "one of theirs" having developed my love for the game as a player in their club, from age 5 until I left for college. That makes the relationship easier when they value my history.

One funny part is that one of our Youth Group kids, who I also coach at Millbrook (his name is Austin) was a very good player in their club. He was on a team that went to Nationals 2 summers ago and was doing well in the U16 Academy. He's also really been growing spiritually and trying to make sure everything in his life honors God. Over Christmas he decided that he didn't want his entire life to be about soccer. He wanted more time to pursue his faith and to do things normal high school students get to do, so he quit the Academy. So, Charlie Slagle (CASL's CEO) realized he was one of mine. As he was introducing me to some of the other people in the office he would say, "Casey's church is the one that we lost Austin to." That's awesome! It's one of those weird things that you are kind of embarrassed that it was my 'claim to fame', but also made me very proud that we are helping to develop young men like Austin that are trying to make their relationship with Christ their greatest priority.

Thanks for your prayers. I'm excited to see all that develops with CASL in the future. If you know any of the big-timers there, be sure to tell them how awesome Sarah is! :)


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Family Time!

Hey everyone!

Fun times this week at the Prince home as we have been enjoying a visit from my sister and Kieren's aunt, Lauren! Lauren was here for five days from Nashville and the time FLEW by way too fast. The days were spent with long walks enjoying this beautiful weather, wonderful conversations, lots of chores and 'tasks' done at home, time at church, and feeding our mommy tummies with lots of good food (my sis is 17 weeks pregnant!). She is such an incredible blessing in my life, as she has always been a great sister, but over the years has become my closest friend, as well. What a gift! It was really special to share these moments with Kieren as she is so little and dream ahead to what motherhood will be like for Lauren. Lauren and Tre (my bro-in-law) are going to be amazing parents and I can't wait until it's their turn! For now, I will continue to recouperate from a great time and share the fun with you all!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Big Meeting

In the morning at 10am (Thursday) I'm meeting with the CEO of CASL, Charlie Slagle to share the dream and vision of Ubuntu Football Ministries. CASL is the GIANT soccer club here in the Raleigh area. At one time they were the 3rd largest private club in the country. I would be surprised if it isn't the biggest or 2nd biggest now. I'm hoping that Charlie will want CASL to be a supporter and partner of Ubuntu.

Please pray that God will go before me, soften Charlie's heart, and give me favor. This is my first big meeting, so I'm a tad nervous. I know God is going to connect us to exactly who he wants to. It would be nice if this was one of them.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Out and About...

Hey there!

Just wanted to share some more pics of our cute little Kieren! I am smitten :) I have been having a great week with her without grandparents and with Casey back at work (although he does come home for lunch many days - how sweet!). Kieren continues to sleep a BIT more during the night, and I really feel like each day there is progress. She is more alert during the day, and even stays awake during some of our times out! She has continued to have many firsts - her first trip to Chick-Fil-A, her first trip to Los Tres (okay, so we like our food...) and her first meeting at church this morning (which she slept right through, but I'm SURE she loved it!). We have been walking outside when it's warm enough and bundling her up - can you believe that cute sweater! It was handmade for us by Judy Vader, the mother of our friend David Mandulak. Kieren has received so many sweet gifts, and we feel so thankful for the outpouring of love in that way! Thanks for the continued support - and we love the continued visits and calls! Thanks!!

Life is so much fun, I am just loving each day! Time is flying by already!