Friday, February 27, 2009

Another good meeting

Today we traveled to visit Grandpa and Abuela Loca in Charlotte (Sarah's parents). While here I got to meet with Pat Stewart who is President of Missionary Athletes International, the parent company of the Charlotte Eagles. I spent one season after college playing professional soccer with the Eagles. It was a good experience and the relationship has continued. Many of you will remember that in December of 2004 I went on tour to India and Sri Lanka with the Eagles.

I was really seeking wisdom today. The Eagles have a lot of great contacts in the Sports Ministry world and were my major introduction into Sports Ministry. Pat was able to suggest a lot of people and organizations that I should also contact. I also asked him lots of questions about fundraising for both our living expenses and for the whole organization.
Pat said that it was good to see what we are planning on doing. That it's encouraging to know how my time there with the Eagles is influencing our future.
If interested, check out the Eagles at

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