Monday, August 31, 2009

On the other side...

Well friends and family, we are on the other side of the move out of our house. There were some moments when I thought I wasn't going to make it - I was going a bit crazy at times. It was SUCH a sad day on Sunday, and I felt like when I woke up on Monday I had a 'sadness hangover.' But, God's mercies are new every morning, and I feel like God has brought back my joy and sanity. Casey and I stayed last night at the Latta's house and even though it felt so deeply sad, it also just felt right. I know we are on the right path. Today we went back to the house to pack up a few last things and do some cleaning. Being there in the empty house brought back all these beautiful memories that we have had there. I was thinking about all the people who helped us move in 6 years ago. Paul and Michael who painted a mural on our wall as they painted the living room. Hop and Casey chasing a bat around the living room as I hid in the office. Hours of conversation in the kitchen eating Mike and Ike's with our friends. Sleepovers and small groups. Heartbreaks, parties, missionary visits, family time. The day we brought Kieren home and our house was filled with our friends and family there to welcome her into our life. I just sat and smiled. We are blessed.

I was listening last night to a song by David Wilcox, and it is about new journeys. The line I love is 'And the hardest mile we travel is the first away from home.' This step of the journey has been heartbreaking, but there are so many beautiful things ahead.

Thanks for sharing the journey.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last Night on Timber Ridge

Wow, this is so surreal because it is our last night to stay at our home on Timber Ridge for a LONG time. It's pretty late and we are still up packing (although I have really slowed down at this point!) as we plan to be out of the house by tomorrow evening. Is it possible that our items are multiplying as we are trying to pack them? That is how it feels; there is just so much STUFF. We have had SO much help in the past couple weeks getting both the house ready and our things sorted, packed, and stored. My mom is here this weekend to watch Kieren and we had a bunch of people over today to help pack and fix up the house. So tomorrow is the final day of storing and tomorrow night we will be staying at Chris and Karen Latta's house until our leave date on October 4th. It is incredibly strange and sad to sit around this house today knowing we won't be here anymore. Our house is such a sanctuary and place of joy for us. We have been very blessed to have lived here together over the past 6 years and there are endless memories.

Casey and I were sitting on the floor of our almost empty living room talking about it all tonight. He said that he is sad about it all, but also beginning to get more excited because it is just one more big step towards our huge dream of going to South Africa. It's just one less thing in between us and what God has for us ahead. I thought that was such a beautiful and courageous way to look at this part of our journey, rather than just mourning what we are losing. There will be many difficult steps in the month ahead, but each one does take us closer to the new chapter beginning in Africa. We are so thankful, for our life in the house on Timber Ridge, for our friends and family, for a delicious and happy baby that always makes us smile, for beautiful memories, and for the hope and excitement of what is still to come.

Lots of love,

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Time with Family

We were so blessed this week to have time with Casey's family! Casey's brother, Rod, came to visit from San Francisco with his wonderful girlfriend, Bonita. We had an incredible time with them! It was so enjoyable just to lay around, talk, relax, and let Kieren entertain us. What a great gift for them to come all this way to spend time with us!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Scored a Great GOAL

Last night Millbrook High School held a fundraiser for Sarah and I, and for Ubuntu Sports Outreach. They hosted Garner High School in their first football game of the year. They designated this football game and the soccer game against Wakefield on Sept. 9 as GOAL events (GOAL= Giving Others Access to Life). There was even a note in the News & Observer on Friday about the game. Check the link out there, scroll down a bit:
Several things happened at the game. We had a tent where we had our shirts and bracelets for sale. We were there prepared to share with folks about what we are going to do. Chick-fil-a donated the money from all of the sandwich sales from the game. And, incredibly, we raffled off some serious prizes donated by Best Buy on Capital Blvd (and one item from the Garner Best Buy). Best Buy was so generous as they gave us a 32" LCD TV, a Nintendo Wii, a digital camera, and an ipod. Chick-fil-a also gave us Chick-fil-a for a Year!. We are saving the ipod for the soccer game on Sept. 9, but we raffled off all the other prizes last night. We raised over $1,300 from the sale of the raffle tickets. Here are a few of the winners of the prizes.

It was such an incredible night. We are so privileged and humbled to be connected with a school that has valued our investment in it and now is doing it's part to support our journey. We'd especially like to think the Booster Club at MHS, the administration, Chick-fil-a @ Falls Village, and Best Buy on Capital Blvd. We couldn't have done it without you!


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Wanted to give you all and update on Ubuntu Sports Outreach. We have started a blog for it: Go there to keep up with the happenings of the ministry.
But the bigger news is that the website is officially alive and kickin' (pun totally intended)! Please visit it at My good friend, Dave Edwards, designed the whole site and did an AMAZING job! Please let us know what you think about it. What are things you really like? What things would you like to see that aren't there? I'd love your feedback.
These are exciting days! Please keep praying for the development of the ministry!!


Monday, August 17, 2009

And here we go...

It's Monday morning, Casey and I are sitting at the table eating breakfast together and trying to get our heads on straight for a crazy couple weeks. Tomorrow Casey is having his knee 'scoped' to fix a torn meniscus and check out any other damage. My dad comes on Thursday and Friday to help us pack up the house - and since he is an EXPERT packer I think we will pack most of it up. Friday night, at the Millbrook High School (the school Casey went to and where most our students go), is having a football game and will be helping us fundraise and get awareness for Ubuntu Sports Outreach. Then Casey's brother, Rod, comes in from California on Saturday to stay with us and meet Kieren for a few days. Next week I go to Charlotte for a day to help train some leaders at a friend's church. My mom comes that weekend to watch Kieren because we will then move, sell, barter, and trade everything left in our house and officially move out. Our home for the month of September will be the Latta family house. Aren't they lucky :) Oh, and we have to find a new home for Lance in two weeks.


It's going to be crazy but God is in the midst of it all, and as my mom has sweetly told us, we are READY. Pray for us!


Friday, August 14, 2009

And I'm Back!

Hey people!

WOW, I can't believe how HORRIBLE I have been about writing updates on the blog. I am so sorry friends and family! I am finally back home in Raleigh after a summer of traveling and promise to keep you all updated on all that is going on in Prince world.

Oh, in my defense, I finally broke down and entered the world of 'facebook' this summer. That has definitely been a part of my negligence for this blog. Facebook is going to take us all down...

So it's been an incredible summer, and there is no way I could share all that has happened. I will give you some highlights. I was deeply privileged to work for Youth Conference Ministries (YCM) this summer at their Great Escape middle school camps and Fun in the Son high school camps. For five weeks this summer I was paid to hang out with students, share Christ with them, and have a total blast. My life is surreal. There were so many special people I shared the time with and I CRIED so hard when it all came to an end. Seriously, I am just blessed. How did I do all this craziness with a 6 month old? Well she is very independent... and I had the BEST help. Katie Worley, who just graduated from high school and is from our church traveled with me all summer to watch Kieren. It was such a blessing - Katie LOVED Kieren and knew all the little things that made her happy and healthy. And it was great to have my sweet daughter with me through all the ministry. I felt so 'in my element' through the summer doing all the ministry and made lots of memories. God was so good!

Also got to spend some great time with our families at the end of traveling in Florida. We saw my parents, my sister Lauren, brother-in-law Tre, and their beautiful 6-week old daughter, Kylie. It was such a blast! Kylie is precious and it will be so fun to watch the cousins grow up together - especially because they have such different personalities. Kieren likes to be the center of attention (where did she get that from??) and Kylie is sweet and shy. Oh it will be fun. We hung out with Casey's sister Kristy and her hubby and kids in Tampa and had so much fun jumping into their lives for a day. But then we had to say the goodbyes and it was horrible! Oh, I can't believe this is beginning now, and I HATE it already. Just so hard and sad, but this is how it's going to be if we are going to follow this dream.

So here we are back in Raleigh now, and the chaos begins. We have about two weeks until we move out of our house (it will be rented starting in September) and at the same time Casey will finish his job at Grace Community Church. We haven't bought our plane tickets yet, but will VERY soon and plan on leaving at the end of September. This is actually happening people!

Please be praying for us as we tackle all these details and emotionally work through this all. We know God is in the midst of it!

Lots of love to you all,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Celebrate God's Goodness

A pretty amazing set of things happened on Wednesday night.
I was coming home from a soccer practice and checked the mail Among lots of catalogs, advertisements, and bills there were two envelopes that looked more significant. The first of the ones that I read was a letter from a student in our youth ministry. Stefanie just graduated and is headed off to college. For whatever reason she felt compelled to write me a note to share her feelings about the ministry that I've done at Grace. It was amazing! She basically 'received' and felt all the things I hope that students will feel from me and our ministry. She spoke of her "never feeling guilty for her questions", "experiencing an open and inviting atmosphere", and "always knowing she could return even if her life was a mess." That's exactly what I've hoped to build and be for students. It was so amazing to receive and I'm so thankful that she took the time to do it.
Then, I opened another small envelope from a family that I didn't recognize their name. Inside was a kind note and a very generous check to help with Ubuntu Sports Outreach. Apparently these people are friends of Sarah's parents and they just wanted to be a part of what we are doing. It was so incredible to get a gift from people we have never met. They obviously believe in the vision of the ministry.
Both of these things really humbled me. They both showed me how faithful God is. Every time that I am temped to get discouraged about this journey God does something to inspire me and keep me motivated and trusting Him. He is continually reminding me that he is in control and will provide what we need.
After I got myself up off the floor I was able to walk forward believing and trusting that God will not leave us or forsake God. Thanks be to God that when he calls us he joins us on the journey and provides what we need.
Praise Him,

Monday, August 3, 2009

I miss my family

Sarah and Kieren are still at Great Escape Southwind. I really miss them! Being home without them is no fun. I just know Kieren is going to do something really cool this week without me! I get to be with them again next Monday when I go back to Florida to spend time with Sarah's family. It can't come soon enough, though.
Thanks for feeling bad for me!