Monday, August 17, 2009

And here we go...

It's Monday morning, Casey and I are sitting at the table eating breakfast together and trying to get our heads on straight for a crazy couple weeks. Tomorrow Casey is having his knee 'scoped' to fix a torn meniscus and check out any other damage. My dad comes on Thursday and Friday to help us pack up the house - and since he is an EXPERT packer I think we will pack most of it up. Friday night, at the Millbrook High School (the school Casey went to and where most our students go), is having a football game and will be helping us fundraise and get awareness for Ubuntu Sports Outreach. Then Casey's brother, Rod, comes in from California on Saturday to stay with us and meet Kieren for a few days. Next week I go to Charlotte for a day to help train some leaders at a friend's church. My mom comes that weekend to watch Kieren because we will then move, sell, barter, and trade everything left in our house and officially move out. Our home for the month of September will be the Latta family house. Aren't they lucky :) Oh, and we have to find a new home for Lance in two weeks.


It's going to be crazy but God is in the midst of it all, and as my mom has sweetly told us, we are READY. Pray for us!


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katieshobbie said...

if i had a house with a yard, i'd take lance!