Friday, August 14, 2009

And I'm Back!

Hey people!

WOW, I can't believe how HORRIBLE I have been about writing updates on the blog. I am so sorry friends and family! I am finally back home in Raleigh after a summer of traveling and promise to keep you all updated on all that is going on in Prince world.

Oh, in my defense, I finally broke down and entered the world of 'facebook' this summer. That has definitely been a part of my negligence for this blog. Facebook is going to take us all down...

So it's been an incredible summer, and there is no way I could share all that has happened. I will give you some highlights. I was deeply privileged to work for Youth Conference Ministries (YCM) this summer at their Great Escape middle school camps and Fun in the Son high school camps. For five weeks this summer I was paid to hang out with students, share Christ with them, and have a total blast. My life is surreal. There were so many special people I shared the time with and I CRIED so hard when it all came to an end. Seriously, I am just blessed. How did I do all this craziness with a 6 month old? Well she is very independent... and I had the BEST help. Katie Worley, who just graduated from high school and is from our church traveled with me all summer to watch Kieren. It was such a blessing - Katie LOVED Kieren and knew all the little things that made her happy and healthy. And it was great to have my sweet daughter with me through all the ministry. I felt so 'in my element' through the summer doing all the ministry and made lots of memories. God was so good!

Also got to spend some great time with our families at the end of traveling in Florida. We saw my parents, my sister Lauren, brother-in-law Tre, and their beautiful 6-week old daughter, Kylie. It was such a blast! Kylie is precious and it will be so fun to watch the cousins grow up together - especially because they have such different personalities. Kieren likes to be the center of attention (where did she get that from??) and Kylie is sweet and shy. Oh it will be fun. We hung out with Casey's sister Kristy and her hubby and kids in Tampa and had so much fun jumping into their lives for a day. But then we had to say the goodbyes and it was horrible! Oh, I can't believe this is beginning now, and I HATE it already. Just so hard and sad, but this is how it's going to be if we are going to follow this dream.

So here we are back in Raleigh now, and the chaos begins. We have about two weeks until we move out of our house (it will be rented starting in September) and at the same time Casey will finish his job at Grace Community Church. We haven't bought our plane tickets yet, but will VERY soon and plan on leaving at the end of September. This is actually happening people!

Please be praying for us as we tackle all these details and emotionally work through this all. We know God is in the midst of it!

Lots of love to you all,

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