Monday, June 29, 2009

The Prince World This Week

Hey people,

So the Prince's are on the road again, and I just wanted to give you an update!

Casey is in Tampa with the rising seniors on a mission trip - you can check for details at the youth blog at

Sarah and Kieren are in the mountains of North Carolina at Western University for Great Escape middle school camp. Sarah is the evening speaker and Kieren is the cute, fat baby that everyone loves!

Both trips are going really well - keep us in your prayers!

On a fun side note, Kieren is now sitting up all by herself for the first time today! Ahh!! It's so fun! And, even though daddy wasn't there for this momentous occasion, right as she began to sit for the first time, she let out two loud farts in daddy's honor. That's my baby!

Love you,

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pictures from Navajo Trip

Hey everyone,

Wanted to finally post some pictures from our mission trip last week. We went with 35 of the rising juniors in the Grace Community Church senior high ministry (and 9 brave adult leaders!). We worked in Arizona on a Navajo Indian reservation and it was an incredible experience. The people were warm and welcoming and we learned a great deal about the struggles of being an American Indian and living on the reservation. The group did some great work and Kieren was a CHAMP with all the traveling and desert life! We are blessed and wanted to share a few snapshots of the experience.

Lots of love,

The Grace Community Church rising sophomore high school class

Us with Darlene, Carissa, and Reja - the youth leader family we served on the reservation

Kieren getting serious about some mission work

Kieren with 'Grandma Eta' after she gave her a beautiful silver bracelet

Casey with Tristan, the son of the youth leaders Ray and Darlene, whose house we worked on

Kieren hanging out with Daddy

Sarah and Susan Lassiter jumping off a cliff into a river. Seriously!

The Prince family at the Grand Canyon

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back Home...


Just a quick update that we are back home from our mission trip to Arizona to the Navajo Indian reservation. The three Prince's had an incredible time there and are back rested and happy! I will post some pictures this week, but just wanted to say hi!

You can check out some info and pictures from the trip by checking the Grace Youth Ministry summer blog at: Scroll down to see info from the Navajo trip, and there are some cute pics of Kieren there :)


Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's a New Day

It's a new day for our family. At 6am on Sunday morning we leave for a mission trip together. We're taking the rising Juniors from Grace to the Navajo Indian Reservation north of Winslow, AZ. It's a new location for our ministry and we're really excited. But we're really excited about doing it all together. It's Kieren's first flight, first mission trip, and first time gone for that long. Please pray for her. She's starting to cut teeth, so she's had some rough moments. Pray that she would adjust quickly so that Sarah and ALL the other girls are able to sleep.
But really pray that it would be the first of MANY moments of the THREE of us doing ministry together!
You can keep up with the trip at


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kieren's World

Hey peeps,

So life continues to fly by for all of us in Prince world. Kieren is doing great with it all - she is such a trooper! She is down to 5 feedings a day now and has slept for 10 hours straight the last few nights (knock on computer keyboard). She is still napping lots during the day and so I am calling her the 'sleep monster.' I am also calling her K-Money too, just because of her gangster tendencies, you know... She is smiling all the time - and I really think she has started doing it because she knows she gets a reaction from it. Already a charmer! She is giggling more and more which is precious and learning to hold and play with new things all the time. I think she is close to sitting up on her own, and she is rolling over like a champ. Can you tell I am a proud mom...

We are preparing this week to start our crazy trips all summer - this is our life and we really love it! Our first trip is all three of us to a Navajo Indian Reservation - and we fly into Phoenix, Arizona. Kieren's first flight and mission trip. It's going to be an adventure so please be praying with us! We are going with the rising junior high school kids at Grace and I think it's going to be an incredible trip. After that we will both be in and out until mid-August with trips. Kieren is in for a fun summer!

On the South Africa front, we are continuing with the many details of preparing for our move. Things continue to fall in place and is just so humbling and exciting. We are planning on early September and should buy our tickets soon which will lock in our leave date. It is such a bitter-sweet experience, but we have a huge peace that we are doing the right thing. Ready or not!

Lots of love to all of you!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Great Weekend!

Thanks so much for everyone's prayers and support this weekend. We had a VERY successful yard sale on Saturday, making some money and getting rid of LOTS of our stuff that we won't need anymore. We had SO much help - it was incredible! I love yard sales, and this was the best yet - shared the day with friends and met some wonderful people. Sunday we preached at Grace about our journey to the mission field in South Africa and challenged our church to join in and it was also a wonderful day. Casey and I really enjoyed speaking together and it seemed to be well received. We have an INCREDIBLE community around us - we know we are so blessed!

Lots of love,
Just sharing some pictures from last weekend - we joined Dan and Suzanne Kelly at the 'Gears and Cheers' bike race at a winery near Elon University. Dan and Casey rode 42 miles and Suzanne and I enjoyed the sunshine and wine! It was a beautiful day and fun event!


Dan and Casey after the race

Suzanne, Sarah, and Kieren enjoying the sunny day

Kieren chilling in the camping chair

Friday, June 5, 2009

This Weekend in Prince World

On Saturday we are having a yard sale and selling a huge chunk of stuff in our house for the big South Africa move. Join us from 8am to noon.

On Sunday we will be preaching at Grace Community Church at 9:15am and 11:00am. We'd love you to be there!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shout out from Chris Latta

This is a note that Chris Latta was supposed to present at my last Youth Group. We all know how that went. I claim that I don't know what he's talking about on a few of these!


10) No one can pull off wearing "manpris" like Casey
9) Seeing the look on his face when he realizes the toliet on the tree in the video is at his house
8) His willingness to break the awkard silence with a symphony of farts
7) Playing dodgeball until 4:00am and watching him cry like a little girl when he loses
6) Watching his hairline recede faster than mine
5) Pranking with him on youth trips "like Sharpie graffaiti on sleeping kids on airplanes and glitter baby
4) Seeing him run around naked on youth trips and freaking the guys out
3) Seeing Casey do "Ice Ice Baby"(Put it on your I-Pod and make him do it on your trips this summer)
2) Watching him when he's doing anything with Kieren
1) How much he loves Grace and these kids and how he makes all of them feel special - Thanks for all you have done for me, my family and the family of Grace!! I Love You Casey!!

Happy Kieren

Hanging with Abuelita Loca

Excited to take a ride in the Baby Bjorn

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

South African Benefit Night


We are so blessed to have an incredible community around us as we continue to plan to move to South Africa to do missionary work. Our good friends Chris and Karen Latta decided to hold a benefit night to help fundraise, raise awareness of our missions, and bring our community together. It was this past Saturday night and was a huge success! Most of all I wanted the community that would be supporting us to come together as we are in preparations, so they could really be a part of our journey, both now and in South Africa. We shared a bit about all we hope to do there, where we are now in the process, and Chris encouraged them to be a part of our fundraising efforts. It was pretty much another slice of heaven for me, to have so many people that I love all together wanting to be a part of our lives. The Lattas (and MANY others who helped) threw a banging party, and we all had a blast. And this was just another sign that we are getting closer and closer to actually making this dream a reality!

Lots of love,


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Heaven is Baby Giggles


So last night my mom and I were taking a walk with Lance and all of a sudden I heard a weird sound come from Kieren. We both stopped and all of a sudden Kieren started laughing and giggling at Lance - sounds I had never heard before! We both were dying laughing, I couldn't even breathe! It was the best sound ever - what heaven will be like (maybe? I can only hope!).

We have had an incredible weekend, and I will have to write about it in pieces over the week. My parents were visiting and we had Kieren dedicated on Sunday morning in church. Everyone asks why she was not baptised, and that is because we want HER to choose when she wants to be baptized and make that commitment to God, so we dedicate ourselves and ask our church to do the same, in raising her up to know God's love. It was a beautiful moment in our history and a very special thing for us. It was even hard for me to take in - this is MY daughter that we are dedicating! Kieren wore this long baptismal gown that my mother made from the fabric of her wedding dress for ME when I was baptized. She was a great sport about the huge dress, and I honestly think it looked a bit like an 80's prom dress :)

More stuff to come about our AWESOME weekend. We are so blessed!