Monday, June 29, 2009

The Prince World This Week

Hey people,

So the Prince's are on the road again, and I just wanted to give you an update!

Casey is in Tampa with the rising seniors on a mission trip - you can check for details at the youth blog at

Sarah and Kieren are in the mountains of North Carolina at Western University for Great Escape middle school camp. Sarah is the evening speaker and Kieren is the cute, fat baby that everyone loves!

Both trips are going really well - keep us in your prayers!

On a fun side note, Kieren is now sitting up all by herself for the first time today! Ahh!! It's so fun! And, even though daddy wasn't there for this momentous occasion, right as she began to sit for the first time, she let out two loud farts in daddy's honor. That's my baby!

Love you,


Anonymous said...

loved reading all your updates, sari! hope K-money keeps up the good work (that would mean the being good, sitting up, and the farting). love you!

Caleb and Adrienne said...