Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Update


So sorry we have been MIA from the blog - things have just been so busy! We are home from our trips this week and just enjoying some time together before we head out again. I leave on Friday for South Padre Island, TX for a Fun in the Son high school camp where I will be emceeing and teaching a seminar. Casey will leave next Tuesday for a mission trip in Charleston, SC. We will keep you posted on those!

Last week we both had incredible experiences on our trips! I will speak for myself, and say that it was SUCH a privilege to speak to those middle schoolers last week and share the love of God with them. They are so awesome! I just love all their passion and energy - they are truly crazy! I guess I just fit in with them :) God really showed up in so many ways. Kieren did awesome all week and seemed to enjoy just being around so many people. And she slept great (everyone always asks that!). Have baby and will travel :)

I love this summer and this time in our lives. It stinks to be apart from Casey a bit, but I just feel so revived getting to do ministry again. And this weekend Kieren will be 6 months old - what?? That seems so old to me! We are having so much fun with her at this age. She is hilarious!

I will share a few pics from a friend who took them at the Great Escape camp last week. Good times!

Lots of love,

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Steve M said...

love the bib, the princes are just so humble.