Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Heaven is Baby Giggles


So last night my mom and I were taking a walk with Lance and all of a sudden I heard a weird sound come from Kieren. We both stopped and all of a sudden Kieren started laughing and giggling at Lance - sounds I had never heard before! We both were dying laughing, I couldn't even breathe! It was the best sound ever - what heaven will be like (maybe? I can only hope!).

We have had an incredible weekend, and I will have to write about it in pieces over the week. My parents were visiting and we had Kieren dedicated on Sunday morning in church. Everyone asks why she was not baptised, and that is because we want HER to choose when she wants to be baptized and make that commitment to God, so we dedicate ourselves and ask our church to do the same, in raising her up to know God's love. It was a beautiful moment in our history and a very special thing for us. It was even hard for me to take in - this is MY daughter that we are dedicating! Kieren wore this long baptismal gown that my mother made from the fabric of her wedding dress for ME when I was baptized. She was a great sport about the huge dress, and I honestly think it looked a bit like an 80's prom dress :)

More stuff to come about our AWESOME weekend. We are so blessed!



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