Wednesday, June 3, 2009

South African Benefit Night


We are so blessed to have an incredible community around us as we continue to plan to move to South Africa to do missionary work. Our good friends Chris and Karen Latta decided to hold a benefit night to help fundraise, raise awareness of our missions, and bring our community together. It was this past Saturday night and was a huge success! Most of all I wanted the community that would be supporting us to come together as we are in preparations, so they could really be a part of our journey, both now and in South Africa. We shared a bit about all we hope to do there, where we are now in the process, and Chris encouraged them to be a part of our fundraising efforts. It was pretty much another slice of heaven for me, to have so many people that I love all together wanting to be a part of our lives. The Lattas (and MANY others who helped) threw a banging party, and we all had a blast. And this was just another sign that we are getting closer and closer to actually making this dream a reality!

Lots of love,


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