Friday, May 29, 2009

Kieren's World

Hey people,

Wow, time is flying by in the world of Kieren! It is unbelievable how much she is growing! This week was really fun with her because she rolled over all by herself for the first time - from her stomach to her bath! She was a bit surprised but I'm sure my squealing didn't help :) Also, she has really started to giggle and laugh and so Casey and I will stop at nothing to keep it going once the laughs have begun. I feel like she just is growing more independent, aware of her world, and just all-around happy about her life. She is very loved by so many, so I'm glad she is enjoying it!

Motherhood continues to be quite a journey. There is so much joy at watching Kieren grow and learn, and I melt at the way she responds and smiles to me. I know that personally I am growing each day as I learn how to be a better mother and love and support her in the best way. It's such a difficult task in balancing the rest of our world - as a wife and with all the other projects in our life. We just take it one day at a time, and I really want to focus on the many, many blessings we have. We have a beautiful life, and sometimes I have to step back in the hard and frustrating moments and remember that. Don't we all?

Africa plans are continuing to move forward, and it's definitely getting more and more real. Our house is getting empty as we are packing boxes to move, store, and sell. Next weekend we will join our neighborhood in a huge yard sale and sell TONS of our belongings. Come out if you are interested in seeing our junk or just saying hey!

Oh, and Kieren will be dedicated at our church this weekend in the 11:00am service. We are very excited about it, as it is a chance to publicly declare our intention to raise her in a household that shows her the love of God and as we invite our church to partner with us.

Lots of love to you all!


Anonymous said...

wish i could come to your garage sale (not to mention the dedication!). so excited for you as baby starts getting only gets more and more fun as you go. love you guys!

Caleb and Adrienne said...

what time do you think it will start (the sale!!)?