Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A very happy Memorial Day


We are so thankful to have just had a beautiful Memorial Day weekend. We took Kieren for a swim at Chris and
Karen Latta's pool on Friday, then went to the Book family lake house at Lake Gaston on Saturday. Kieren is loving the water and being outside in this sunny weather! Then on Sunday I surprised Casey with a stay at the North Hills Renaissance hotel for the night to celebrate our 7th year anniversary - and no Kieren! The Bonner family was gracious to keep her for the night, and we certainly enjoyed the uninterrupted sleep. It was a beautiful place and a great night to celebrate our many blessings. Monday was both our 7th year wedding anniversary and my 29th birthday. So much fun!

The above pics are Kieren in her 'swim attire,' and her getting a hug from our friend, Rachel Walton!


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Rachel said...

Yay!! I'm so glad I made the post :) Makes me smile. I had a great time hanging out with y'all..let's do it again soon!