Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kieren's World

Hey peeps,

So life continues to fly by for all of us in Prince world. Kieren is doing great with it all - she is such a trooper! She is down to 5 feedings a day now and has slept for 10 hours straight the last few nights (knock on computer keyboard). She is still napping lots during the day and so I am calling her the 'sleep monster.' I am also calling her K-Money too, just because of her gangster tendencies, you know... She is smiling all the time - and I really think she has started doing it because she knows she gets a reaction from it. Already a charmer! She is giggling more and more which is precious and learning to hold and play with new things all the time. I think she is close to sitting up on her own, and she is rolling over like a champ. Can you tell I am a proud mom...

We are preparing this week to start our crazy trips all summer - this is our life and we really love it! Our first trip is all three of us to a Navajo Indian Reservation - and we fly into Phoenix, Arizona. Kieren's first flight and mission trip. It's going to be an adventure so please be praying with us! We are going with the rising junior high school kids at Grace and I think it's going to be an incredible trip. After that we will both be in and out until mid-August with trips. Kieren is in for a fun summer!

On the South Africa front, we are continuing with the many details of preparing for our move. Things continue to fall in place and is just so humbling and exciting. We are planning on early September and should buy our tickets soon which will lock in our leave date. It is such a bitter-sweet experience, but we have a huge peace that we are doing the right thing. Ready or not!

Lots of love to all of you!

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