Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last Night on Timber Ridge

Wow, this is so surreal because it is our last night to stay at our home on Timber Ridge for a LONG time. It's pretty late and we are still up packing (although I have really slowed down at this point!) as we plan to be out of the house by tomorrow evening. Is it possible that our items are multiplying as we are trying to pack them? That is how it feels; there is just so much STUFF. We have had SO much help in the past couple weeks getting both the house ready and our things sorted, packed, and stored. My mom is here this weekend to watch Kieren and we had a bunch of people over today to help pack and fix up the house. So tomorrow is the final day of storing and tomorrow night we will be staying at Chris and Karen Latta's house until our leave date on October 4th. It is incredibly strange and sad to sit around this house today knowing we won't be here anymore. Our house is such a sanctuary and place of joy for us. We have been very blessed to have lived here together over the past 6 years and there are endless memories.

Casey and I were sitting on the floor of our almost empty living room talking about it all tonight. He said that he is sad about it all, but also beginning to get more excited because it is just one more big step towards our huge dream of going to South Africa. It's just one less thing in between us and what God has for us ahead. I thought that was such a beautiful and courageous way to look at this part of our journey, rather than just mourning what we are losing. There will be many difficult steps in the month ahead, but each one does take us closer to the new chapter beginning in Africa. We are so thankful, for our life in the house on Timber Ridge, for our friends and family, for a delicious and happy baby that always makes us smile, for beautiful memories, and for the hope and excitement of what is still to come.

Lots of love,


Amy said...

That is a great perspective. So proud of you guys!

Kerry said...

I remember the first time I ever came to timber ridge. to be honest, i was jealous because your house was so big and nice and decorated so cool. :) I can admit it. however, that night was also the beginning of our beautiful friendship, for which I am forever grateful.

love you guys. praying for you in this transition.