Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kieren's First Month!

Hey everyone!

Can you believe it - Kieren turned one month old this week?!? Our lives with Kieren continue to move forward in warp speed - where have the weeks gone? Everyday brings something new as she is growing more and more - as evidenced by her big belly and chubby cheeks. She is more alert during the day, and today she even responded to me with a SMILE! I am not kidding! I melted :) Our nights are continuing to go well as she sleeps pretty good and wakes up to eat one or two times all night. Don't get too jealous, we do have our 'fussy' nights too where she forgets our sleeping deal (she sleeps good at night and mom and dad aren't crazy people the next day...), but we are learning patience as she grows with us! With the warm weather we have been loving our new jogging stroller and spending lots of time on walks and run. She is an active girl already! Also this week she had a couple restaurant visits, one with our kick-butt cycling class group and another with our friends Patrick and Ashleigh. She did great! We will still use a baby-sitter for our real dates (which we had our first of last week - dinner AND a movie!), but it's nice to know she can handle our busy lifestyle. Just preparation for Africa - and so far she is ready to travel!

This is an exciting weekend as I will be preaching at our three church services at our church in Raleigh, Grace Community Church. I was privileged to share last weekend, as well, in youth group, but this is my first time really 'back' to normal life in ministry. I will be talking about 'love' in the theme of Valentine's Day weekend, and I am SUPER excited to be back. Say a prayer for me!

Lots of love,


Amy said...

can't believe she's one month already!!! everyone looks great! and so happy! i love it! :)

icoobaby1 said...

Kieran is looking very cute in those pictures. As you said she is very active girl you must get her a new Mickey sport pushchair which has got best features.