Saturday, February 14, 2009

South Africa is in my blood

Today was the start of the Super 14 Rugby season. Rugby is part of me now! I paid $10 for the rights to watch all the games today, but I really wanted to see the Stormers (From Cape Town) play the Sharks (from Durban)! I love the Stormers and my friends Mike Jenks, Mike Massingham, and my flatmate Mandy are fans of the Sharks. So, there was some pride involved.
The Stormers jumped out to a 10-0 halftime lead. Basically the scored one 'try' (like a touchdown but only worth 5 points) and had the conversion (instead of 1 point in football, you get two). Later they scored a penalty kick (essentially like a field goal, but it occurs when a penalty is called).
The Sharks came roaring back after the break and took a 20-10 lead. Then, the Stormers responded with a great try. But the conversion attempt hit the upright and bounced away from the field. That meant we had to score another try to tie the score. That became very important as a penalty was called late that would have led to a kick that would have tied the score, but we couldn't take it.
It was really fun to watch, though. Just reminded me how excited I am to be back there one day and watching rugby again at Newlands Stadium. Go Stormers!


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