Friday, February 13, 2009

Report on Meeting

My meeting with the folks at CASL felt successful. They seemed interesting it supporting us and being our partner in ways that make sense for them. I can definitely see them helping with collecting equipment, coaching structures and resources, and maybe even allowing some of our players to come across and play in the Academy if we develop some that are good enough.
I was encouraged by their interest and the fact that they recognized that I was "one of theirs" having developed my love for the game as a player in their club, from age 5 until I left for college. That makes the relationship easier when they value my history.

One funny part is that one of our Youth Group kids, who I also coach at Millbrook (his name is Austin) was a very good player in their club. He was on a team that went to Nationals 2 summers ago and was doing well in the U16 Academy. He's also really been growing spiritually and trying to make sure everything in his life honors God. Over Christmas he decided that he didn't want his entire life to be about soccer. He wanted more time to pursue his faith and to do things normal high school students get to do, so he quit the Academy. So, Charlie Slagle (CASL's CEO) realized he was one of mine. As he was introducing me to some of the other people in the office he would say, "Casey's church is the one that we lost Austin to." That's awesome! It's one of those weird things that you are kind of embarrassed that it was my 'claim to fame', but also made me very proud that we are helping to develop young men like Austin that are trying to make their relationship with Christ their greatest priority.

Thanks for your prayers. I'm excited to see all that develops with CASL in the future. If you know any of the big-timers there, be sure to tell them how awesome Sarah is! :)


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