Thursday, February 12, 2009

Family Time!

Hey everyone!

Fun times this week at the Prince home as we have been enjoying a visit from my sister and Kieren's aunt, Lauren! Lauren was here for five days from Nashville and the time FLEW by way too fast. The days were spent with long walks enjoying this beautiful weather, wonderful conversations, lots of chores and 'tasks' done at home, time at church, and feeding our mommy tummies with lots of good food (my sis is 17 weeks pregnant!). She is such an incredible blessing in my life, as she has always been a great sister, but over the years has become my closest friend, as well. What a gift! It was really special to share these moments with Kieren as she is so little and dream ahead to what motherhood will be like for Lauren. Lauren and Tre (my bro-in-law) are going to be amazing parents and I can't wait until it's their turn! For now, I will continue to recouperate from a great time and share the fun with you all!


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April said...

What fun!! I am so glad that Lauren could come and share in this special time with you and Kieren.