Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mornings at the Prince home

We have a wonderful new routine that has evolved in the Prince house with Kieren in our lives! First thing in the morning, around the 6 or 7 hour, Kieren wakes me up to eat and enjoy the sunrise. Then we have breakfast and hang for a while until Daddy gets up. Once Casey is up, he takes Kieren to share breakfast and reading the paper with her. Then he takes her to our big, comfy chair in our office, which I have named the 'quiet time' chair. It's our place to do our Bible reading, just relax, and it fits the entire family (even Lance the dog). Casey takes Kieren with him for his morning time with God and reads to her out of the Bible and they pray together. How awesome is that! I think Kieren was a bit scared of the Old Testament book of Hosea, but now Casey has moved on to reading about Jesus in the book of Mark. She loves that time in the morning and is always so happy, as you can see. Mornings are so special in our house!


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