Tuesday, June 28, 2011

So Hard to Say Goodbye

Even though we know we are only leaving SA for five weeks, it was SO HARD to say goodbye.

And exhausting.

Because EVERYONE came to our house yesterday and today to say goodbye.  EVERYONE.

I was telling Casey how exhausting it was to say goodbye and he politely brought it to light how BEAUTIFUL it is that so many people wanted to say goodbye.

Granny Jacoba was there almost all day looking so sullen and being very uncharacteristically quiet.

Roseka, Kieren's little friend on our street, stood outside for an hour hoping to get a hug from Kieren before she left (she was napping up until we took off in the car).

Kyle and Vano were around ALL day playing X-box, helping with little details, and already starting to BEG Jordan to give them things we would never give them.  :)

The View youth were over yesterday and today laughing and talking about how bummed they were we were leaving.

Auntie Katie, Granny's BFF came over and sat on the couch with Granny the last hour and then hugged us goodbye.  We made her promise she would take care of our granny.

My View women came over last night for one last laugh and hug.

Treswell gave us a 'word' from Scripture that God had laid on his heart before we left.

We got SO MANY texts and calls today to tell us goodbye.

I just feel so honored and humbled that we are so loved by our Ocean View community.  It is a privilege that we are loved so well.

And now we are on our way to our USA family.

Ready to get tan and fat.


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