Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Antoine and Mathy Update

The Musemena family of Antoine and Mathy and kids Onesie and Christ

Many of you have heard over the last few years of my respect and love for the Musemena family; Congolese refugees who were living in Cape Town serving Jesus Christ and great friends to our family.  They fled for their lives from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) but for the years they lived in Cape Town they felt God calling them to return to their home to minister to God's people there.  They have endured more than anyone I know, but FINALLY are reunited and together in Kisangani, DRC.  

So when I saw the news article this week about a plane crash in the DRC, I just KNEW that they hadn't been on that plane, even though I was waiting for confirmation that the family was reunited.  I just KNEW that God wouldn't have allowed them to be on the plane.  They weren't on the plane, but were SUPPOSED to be.  They had tickets for that flight, and by some family circumstances didn't take that flight.  They are still alive today and once again God has spared them and protected them.  I am in awe of God's hand on this family and their grace through so many challenges.  

See their organization here: http://www.goodshepherd.org.za/index.htm

Please keep them in your prayers!

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