Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Missionary Revelations

Since we've been home I've discovered a few "Missionary Revelations", things that seem obvious (maybe) but are certainly significant to me. 
Some are silly:
"There are far more good radio stations in America than in South Africa."
"McDonalds is far more appealing in South Africa than in America."

But some have some depth:
"You can have 2 homes at the same time and miss both equally."  

This was one feels particularly poignant right now.  We've been back to the USA for a week now.  Some things feel different- driving, stores opened/closed, number of options, streets changed- but much of it has remained the same, especially relationships.  It's always amazing that the relationships we forged over years here still continue with great depth.  But now I miss Cape Town.  The Academy boys, practice everyday, our house, Ocean View, GRANNY!!!!, our churches there, and other small things.  However, all year I long for some of my favorite people and things in America.  Both places feel like home.  One is a little more broken in, and both are special.  
I'm very thankful it's like this.  We certainly aren't miserable in Cape Town.  We have great community and a great life there.  But it all works because we have amazing community, support, and love here in North Carolina.  It's really like we are double blessed!   


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