Sunday, July 10, 2011

WHEW update!

Hey peeps!

Just wanted to shoot you a quick update about life in Prince world here in the United States.  It is CRAZY!  We knew it would be that way, but time is flying by and days seem like minutes!  It has been a wonderful and beautiful time of connecting with our family, friends, and community in Raleigh and Charlotte, North Carolina so far.  We had time with my family in Charlotte and my parents hosted a fundraising event at their church Harrison UMC.  Then today we preached at our home church, Grace Community, in Raleigh, and had a meeting with our missions committee and our personal support team.   Kieren is having the TIME OF HER LIFE, and right now still in Charlotte living it up with her Lita, Papa, cousin Kieren, Auntie Lauren, and Uncle Tre-Tre.  She is happy and loving being spoiled.  Life is great here.  We are super busy and just trying to make the MOST of every moment by meeting with people and connecting about what God is doing in South Africa AND what He is doing here.  This week is preparing for an event our church is hosting Thursday night for us to fundraise and preparing for our FITS camp that starts on Sunday.  WHEW!!  Having a blast and loving sharing God's stories.

Keep us in your prayers on this crazy journey!

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