Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ntokozo update

Whoa, just realized I hadn't posted again since my whine-fest on Wednesday!  Sorry to leave on a downer this week!  It's been a HECTIC week, but just wanted to give an update on the Prince world.  I am on my second round of antibiotics this week from an ear infection - what??  Kiers ALSO has an ear infection, but seems to be fine already with meds.  It's a BIG ministry week with my View ladies and a Hillsong conference (update coming) but things with Ntokozo are still moving.  Not sure what direction we are going, but there is movement!  I took Ntokozo to see a counselor on Thursday, and I have no idea how it went but I had a GREAT feeling about this woman.  It's going to be a journey just to get her to open up to someone, but I really believe this could be the fit.  She was FURIOUS at me for making her go but I know it's for the best.  Casey and I haven't gotten a free moment AT ALL with her so haven't been able to have a big conversation with her, but the ministry we partner with (and who brought us Ntokozo) came and spent some time with her Wednesday.  Their conversation also made her mad, but she is hearing more about the need for boundaries and how it's for her good.  All we can do is PRAY that she will trust us more and receive our love!  

I can say that for ME, the Hillsong conference yesterday was AMAZING.  I went in the morning with a broken and hurt heart about Ntokozo, but by the end of the day I was filled with love and compassion for her.  I WANT to love her, I want to be a physical expression of God's endless and faithful and abundant love.  I want to.  I definitely can NOT do it on my own strength, but with God "all things are possible!!"  I am renewed, softened, and even expectant.  God is good.

Thanks for all the love and prayers this week about Ntokozo, and please keep it coming!


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