Saturday, April 9, 2011

COLOUR Your World!

(Yes, I did spell color as COLOUR - there are Australians over here running this crazy show with their new words!!)

The Hillsong international women's conference, 'Colour' has finally made its way to Africa beginning this weekend.  This is an incredible event started at the Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia, and is now going to be here in Cape Town.  Our beautiful partnership with Hillsong Cape Town continues to grow, but they have really taken it to another level with this event!  The one-day conference was first slated just for today (Saturday) but then sold out and so they added another one-day event for Friday.  Casey signed me up for the conference in December 2010, but I never thought about brining my women - it's just a big and EXPENSIVE event!  Then I thought maybe some leaders could come, but the main pastor here, Lucinda Dooley, actually decided we should bring a whole GANG of these girls!  We got 60 tickets at reduced prices for Saturday, and then the women kept coming and still wanted to attend.  So then Hillsong worked out for a smaller group to also go on Friday, and so we already took one group yesterday.  It was fun because it was a group of girls that my missionary friend Julie Ostrand ministers to, and so I got to take them, and ALSO took some of my white girlfriends too!  We were a fun bunch!  It was just a beautiful, overwhelming, outstanding day.  The Ocean View ladies were BLOWN AWAY and one even paid herself and registered for NEXT YEAR'S conference!  We left last night exhausted but full of love and joy.  So great.

So today (Saturday) I am here again with 60 of my View women and they are PUMPED about it.  We have been praying and planning for this for months, and these women are ready and expectant to receive from God.  I can't wait to share what happens with you.

Lots of love!

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