Sunday, April 10, 2011

Colouring OUR World!


Day two of Hillsong Colour women's conference (one-day conference that was held on Friday and then another one on Saturday!).  We took 60 women from the View to the event yesterday and my head and heart are still spinning this morning.  Hillsong Cape Town is just amazing to us and they helped and loved us in EVERY way yesterday!  They fed us, checked on us, cheered for us, and taught us some incredible things about Jesus and God's kingdom.  This morning in our Methodist church service I spoke to the congregation about the conference and invited some women to share.  About four of them came up and tried to put into words something they learned and how they felt about the day.  I think they feel the same as I do.  It was incredible and overwhelming and there are too many words and none at all to really describe it.  God is real and alive.  I love my Ocean View women so much and am just grateful that God  brought me to this place.  I love living here, I love that they are my neighbors and friends, I love that we go to church together every weekend.  I love their laughter and fun, I love that they are crazy, I love watching them grow in Christ.  The conference was amazing, and we learned so much.  Overall though I think I was just proud.  I was proud to bring these 60 beautiful women and spend the day with them.  I am so proud to do life with them, and proud already for what more God has in store for us all.  It's going to be amazing.  

You know, this thing we are doing here, it's not extraordinary, it's actually very ordinary.  Wherever you are, with whatever church you are in, just get women together.  Meet together, read God's word together, love each other, pray and laugh and sing together.  Do life together.  Watch God grow in and among you.  Be inspired by one another.  And be proud.  It's that simple.  I love my simple life.


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