Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dinner with Friends

I follow the blog of a guy named Brad Lomenick, he's the director of Catalyst Conferences.  Last week he posed the question, "If you could invite 7 living people to dinner, whom you have never met, who would they be?"
It caused some fun discussion with Sarah during our holiday, so I thought I would share my list.
1. Nelson Mandela (it seems cliche', but dude is amazing.  Just saw "Invictus" again the other night and was amazed by him all over again.)
2. Dean Smith (my posed picture from basketball camp at 11 years old doesn't count as meeting him.)
3. Sir Alex Ferguson (the greatest manager of the greatest football club in the world.  I would learn so much in one dinner.)
4. Louie Giglio (it's possible I shook his hand once when living in West Palm, but I don't remember it, so it probably didn't happen.)
5. Kasey Keller (my favorite goalie ever, he has a nice first name, though it's spelled wrong, and has inspired the name of our son if we ever have one.)
6. Tina Fey (she's hilarious and will keep us laughing.)
7. Jimmy Fallon (he's here to make sure that Tina is on her A game!)

In case any of the above can't attend:
Alec Baldwin (he replaces Jimmy), Carrie Underwood (she could still be invited to provide entertainment), Justin Timberlake (he could host, provide entertainment, cook the food, what CAN'T the dude do?), Tim Howard (he's Keller's sub)

I think that's enough for my list.  Who would be at your Dinner for 8?  Share your list in the comments section!


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