Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sick Day

 Yesterday the Prince family woke up to a day of Epic fail-ness.  The water had been OUT since like 5pm the night before, so the house was filled with dirty dishes, dirty hands, smelly people, sticky Kieren, and NO BRUSHED TEETH.  Dislike.  AND, Kiers had been up much of the night with a fever as she has a bad cold this week.  I was supposed to take her to school and then go to Cornerstone for my class - presentations start this week for my students.  But we had to call in for a sick day.  I mean, how am I supposed to face the day without my teeth brushed??

We called our church peeps and quickly found out how to turn the water back ON (not a big deal, but help us out people!  We are not from these parts!!) and got everyone and everything clean and non-smelly/sticky/fuzzy (teeth when they are not cleaned)/feverish.  

I called in a sick day for Kiers and I - no school for either of us.  Once we were all cleaned up, we went out the 'shops' to see some working friends and get some juice as we walked around, and then back home for an EPIC nap for Kiers (I might have snuck one too after the sleepless-fever night).  Then Kiers and I went to visit a friend of mine and afterwards some View kids came by to play.  

IT WAS SO NICE to just have a rest day and make everything stop.  It was perfect - I got a sick day but didn't have to feel sick!  Kieren was FINE all day; coughing and runny nose, but didn't mind a bit and continued to love every moment of life.  She is just joy.  At night Casey and I had soccer practice, a baby shower, and our leaders Connect Group for Hillsong, so we dropped Kiers with some View friends and took off.  All was well and happy at the end of the day.

Sometimes it's just good to take a break.  The world won't end if you call in sick; in fact, the world can probably keep spinning just fine without you.  Make sure you find space in life to have great moments with your family and those you love, and I won't tell on you if you aren't even really sick :)


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