Thursday, March 10, 2011


This morning I feel like I'm drunk on love.  I just want to tell everyone that I love them.

It all started last night.  We had an Ash Wednesday service at the View Methodist Church and I came in late because I was counseling a friend.  I brought crazy Kiers with me, who was SO PUMPED because her boyfriend, Dante, was there (don't judge me because I want my two-year old to have a boyfriend...).  It was a bit late at this point, which of course means CRAZY TIME for all the kids, so here us adults are trying to have a serious moment and all the kids are running around.  FINALLY one of these kids is Kieren.  I don't know what it is about church, but she is SO SHY there (might be that EVERY ONE wants to pick her up and touch her; I would be ill too).  But now, she is really loving it, going around hugging and greeting people and loving her friends.  So she ran all around laughing and playing during this serious spiritual moment.  I took her with me when I went for communion and when Pastor Kyle tried to put ashes on her forehead she freaked with 'no' and ran to the back.  HILARIOUS.  Watch this space people; this girl is going to do things her OWN WAY.  After church she kept running around playing and SO HAPPY (even though she was still sick and exhausted from a day of school and play).  LOVE HER JOY.  And I love my church.  And I love the kids.  And I love sitting around watching the kids knowing Kiers will be growing up with THESE kids.  When we left Raleigh, I was so sad to know K wouldn't grow up with THOSE kids, and it still stings a bit when I think about it, but THESE kids here in the View are beautiful and ALL our lives will be better and fuller and richer with them in our hearts.  Love.

For some reason I woke up today still feeling love drunk.  Just love my friends near and far.  Love that technology keeps us close.  Love that there are new girls hanging with Kiers at our house lately playing with her.  Love that she GRIEVES (maaajor meltdown) when they leave.  Love that Casey and I are slowing down this weekend to be TOGETHER.  Love life.  

Love you.


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