Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ntokozo Update

Good morning everyone!

I realized over the weekend that I haven't brought you an Ntokozo update in a bit, so just want to let you what is happening with her these days.  The past couple weeks have been better after we really 'hit bottom' emotionally in dealing with her.  We took her to a counselor a couple weeks ago, which made her FREAK (possibly because I told her on the way so she wouldn't FREAK all day), but she didn't hate it (or like it).  We are going to meet with another woman soon, but counseling is a MUST in this family journey.  However, we have been having many more good moments then bad lately, and I can only give God all the glory.  We are aware of Ntokozo's traumatic past (or parts of it) and know that only God can really heal her and help her to accept our love.  It's not in our hands.  This is hard, especially when her anger and moodiness is permeating every corner and inch of the house.  Even then, God is TEACHING us so much, and it's our home and we will not allow her to control it.  We are learning the differences between TEEN and TRAUMA in Ntokozo so we can push when we need to and pull back when we need to.  MAJOR PRAYER REQUEST - continued discernment between TEEN and TRAUMA.  But the good moments lately have been really good.  Ntokozo's birthday is this month and so we have started talking to her about having a TEEN party with her friends and she is overwhelmed, as she has NEVER imagined this.  Casey took her 'online shopping' last night for a new rain jacket - also a new world for her.  She is warmer lately, keeps her door open more, says goodnight before going to bed, and laughs more with Kieren.  There is a fresh breeze coming through the house and I am SO THANKFUL to God.

My favorite moment that recently occurred was a night last week when she asked me to pray for her.  We sat down on her bed (with Kieren) and she talked to me about how her family wants to come again for Christmas this year because 'the ancestors want to speak to her.'  This is African culture stuff, and dangerous, and something many Christians try to mix with Jesus, but it doesn't mix.  She knows there is a tension there, and believes Christ is biggest, but wants to honor her family.  So she asked me to pray for her about the decision.  So we sat on her bed, held hands (Kieren too), and prayed for her.  SO.  SPECIAL.  Those are the moments that make everything worth it.

Keep the prayers coming people, but God is moving this mountain!  He is greatest!


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