Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cape Argus Cycle Tour Thoughts

As Sarah has shared I did the Cape Argus Cycle Tour again this year.  It's the World's Largest Bicycle race with 38,000 riders this year!  It's such a part of Cape Town culture and really grabs the city's attention.
I'm quite proud of how I did this year.  My first year (when we were here in 2008) I finished in 6 hours.  Last year, I got it down to 5:05.  This year I set a goal to ride it in 4:50.  It seemed like a good goal to cut off 15 minutes.  Well, I crushed that goal and did it in 4:10!  That's 55 minutes faster than last year, which was 55 minutes faster than 2008.  I guess that means I have to do next year in 3:15!  (Yeah, NEVER).

The weather was totally PERFECT this year.  There was no wind and temperatures were in the 70s.  Weather can dictate so much with cycling.  Also, I got to start a lot earlier this year because of my time last year, so riding with faster riders really helps.
The best part of the race, though, is when I make that turn at Soetwater park and head towards Ocean View.  I know I'm coming up to my "home field".  I have decide that everybody is out there JUST to cheer for me!  Ocean View's hero rides through!  I start seeing kids I know and calling them by name so they totally freak out that they actually know somebody riding.  Then, I stop to visit my family and all the friends gathered there.  It gives me great motivation to finish the last 1/3 of the race.  Even after Ocean View I see friends in Masi, Capri, and then Noordhoek.  So that whole 1/2 hour is my favorite part, right before the last 2 kick-butt mountain climbs.
Next up, finding an entry for the sold out Two Oceans 1/2 Marathon.  Set a goal to run 1:50 this year.  I think I can do the time, but need to find an entry.
What goals are you setting for yourself this year?  How are you pushing yourself in exercise & fitness?


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Alicia said...

Casey, you blow me away, son.
Your my hero for exercise. Gotta get my butt back to the Y on a regular basis! No guilt, just need to do it.
Love you, mom