Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am in love with children these days.  Especially my children, of course.  But then I have a new obsession with my friends' children here.  We have some beautiful kids in our bunch, and I love that they are Kieren's little buddies.
Last night we had our Connect Group for Hillsong, and it's filled with our friends who live on this 'side of the mountain' (south of Cape Town).  Out of our friends, 4 couples are fostering and one couple has adopted internationally.  These situations are intense, hard, and beautiful.  Last night it was much of our conversation and then we spent some great time in prayer these sweet children.  As we prayed for them their faces came to my mind, I heard their laughter and their little voices.  My heart breaks in some of these situations because our friends may be caring for children, but ultimately they may not be able to parent and adopt these kids in the long-term.  Stories you hear about kids getting lost in the 'system' are faces now, one of them a three year-old boy, in his fifth house, finally thriving, yet his future is unsure.  It is heartbreaking and painful at times, but it is real life and I believe the work of God.  According to James 1:27, the work and worship of our  God that is pure is to care for the orphans of this world.  We get it, we live it, and we love it, even if it breaks our hearts in the process.


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