Wednesday, February 23, 2011

They are Rising

Friends, Followers, and Supporters,
We have some exciting news to announce!  Ubuntu Sports Outreach is launching a special fundraising campaign.  Over the next 60 days, from now until Easter, we are seeking to raise $18,000 to cover the costs of all 24 soccer teams/coaches we hope to have this year.  We are doing this through a new crowd funding format called Causevox.  You can find the cause, and donate, right here:  
Our hope is that by making this really easy for people we can get LOTS of people involved.  So, not only are we asking you to give a little, but please spread this throughout your friends!  Make it your facebook status once a week for the next 2 months.  Put it on twitter.  Email your friends.  Put it in your church bulletin.  Write it in the sky!  You can find all the details on the site, so I won't share all of them with you here.
There is significance to doing this at Easter.  On that day we celebrate Jesus rising from death to new life which he offers to us.  Our coaching mentors are offering the boys in these schools the opportunity for new life as well.  Come, let's do it together.
Over 60 days we need to raise only $300 each day.
We only need 1,000 people to give at least $18.
If 1,800 people give $10, we will bring new life!
Imagine if 8 people, church groups, or families sponsored whole teams, 
that would only leave $12 for 1000 people give.

Thanks for the support you give us for EVERYTHING that we are doing!  

Casey & the Ubuntu Sports Outreach Staff

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