Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Kids

We had Ntokozo's son, Jacob over last night to play.  Whenever we are going to have him at our home, it's something I think about all day, getting oddly excited about seeing this sweet boy.  It's so crazy!  I like other people's kids, but I really don't get super pumped about them invading my house.  They are fine, even fun when at other people's houses.  
But not Jacob.  I LOVE him.  Weird.

These are my sweet kids at the beach on Saturday.  They have so much fun together.  
 We figured out yesterday that if Kieren and Ntokozo are sisters, then Jacob is Kieren's nephew.  He needs to call her 'Aunt Kieren.'  Love it.
 At the beach Kieren runs, sings, jumps, splashes, screams, and plays.  JOY.
 Jacob is SO SWEET.  Always content and quiet, except when 'chasing' Kieren and he begins to giggle.  
I love my family.


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