Friday, February 25, 2011

The View Women

Another incredible week with my Ocean View women.  Thursday night we met again for our weekly Bible Study looking at the Gospel of John.  I so look forward to this every week, and in a new way that I didn't during our gatherings last year.  Previously we just met and shared stories, prayed for one another, and let whatever we wanted to develop.  This year, we start with teaching from the Gospel of John and then reflect on the word of God and what Jesus wants to do in our lives today.  It is powerful EVERY TIME.  The word of God is so powerful and breathes life into us.  This week we talked about the episode in John 2 where Jesus turns over tables and 'cleanses' the Jewish Temple.  We talked about the 'holy anger' of Jesus and what God longs for in true worship.  Then we just worshiped together in song and prayer.  It was beautiful.  

Afterwards I got to catch up with one of my favorite women in the group, Pam, and hear about the hardships she has been going through in her personal life and with her family.  She is a very special person, and God is going to use in big ways in the future.  Just special time.  

LOVE THESE WOMEN.  They are inspirational and so special.  Love.


katie said...

okay, so in reading your notes, all i can picture is this: you in a place where you just had bad Mexican (and you probably have a margarita in you) and you are screaming in spanish about how bad the food was and flipping the tables over.

Micah said...

can i go ahead and LOVE this post! i can just picture how beautiful it was to see these women enter into a spontaneous time of true worship! love, love, love it!

Micah said...

can i just go ahead and LOVE this! i can only imagine how beautiful it was to see these women enter into a spontaneous, spirit led time of worship! love, love, love it!