Thursday, February 3, 2011

Can't believe this is happening

Read my post on the Ubuntu blog for the details but on Saturday we will launch the Ubuntu Football Academy!!  After 10 different days of clinics, lots of conversations about different players, tons of phone calls, and 15 in-home visits this dream is becoming reality.  It's almost hard to believe.  Almost 3 years ago Jenks and I started discussing this dream that God was giving us.  16 months ago we moved here and started putting down roots.  And now the dream is starting to fully take shape!!  Holy Crap!!  I'm starting a football development program in South Africa that is going to produce and nurture the next great leaders in Africa!!  Sorry to get so loud, but it's just amazing!  God has blessed us beyond measure during this process.  He chose some great kids to work with.  He also blessed us with around 4 solid families that we can lean on to really help this thing get off the ground.  God is already helping us build relationships with people that could be key to making this whole thing happen.  I'm almost at a loss for words.  This is why he moved me to Africa, and it's actually happening.
Please pray for Saturday and the first few weeks of getting started.  We're going to need it!
Please check out our new Executive Summary about the Academy.  (Mad props to Dave Edwards for making it look AMAZING!!)  Print it and share it with others.  We need people to partner with us to make all the dreams a reality!


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katie said...

so proud of you and happy for you, case!! can't wait to continue to get updates!