Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sleeping Prayers for Sweet Kieren

Hey everyone!

Just wondering if you all could join us in sleeping prayers for our wonderful Kieren.  As many of you know, we have STRUGGLED with Kieren's sleeping for the past 6 months and it's really become a problem!  She will wake up screaming and will be inconsolable for hours sometimes (oddly as it sounds, my sister is having the same problems with my sweet niece, Kylie).  We have tried EVERY method, so thanks but no thanks on thoughts on how your kiddos broke through this dilemma ;)  However, I think what I have realized is that she is having bad dreams at night and wakes up terrified.  So even though she is exhausted, she fights sleep and doesn't want to be alone, even though she has a bright night-light and is obviously so safe and quiet.  Someone recently asked us if we are praying for her - duh!  We do pray for her and her sleeping, but really decided to pray in bigger and better ways asking Jesus to cover her!  I believe that God has given me a verse to pray over her; one that has brought me much comfort over the years.  So we are asking that you would join us in praying this over her as she sleeps!

"For He Himself is our PEACE." - Ephesians 2:14a

Honestly, it's worked the past two nights!  Last night she woke up around 4am, and she was screaming about a 'horsey' and how it was 'mine,' but I was able to settle her down and get her back to sleep.  We are praying that this is the beginning of many sound nights of sleep for our Kiers!  We ALL need it!

Lots of love,

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Anonymous said...

i have heard that night terrors can be a BIG problem for little ones. i will pray for her! what time is it here when she is falling asleep? maybe i can set an alarm on my phone to remind me...

Lauren said...

I pray for Kylie too and sweet dreams, but I love that verse! We will add it and Kieren's sleep to our prayers :) Glad they have something in common, but wish it was something else!