Thursday, January 13, 2011

What a Day!

Oh my gosh.  Has there ever been a cuter picture??  NO!  Ntokozo back with us and enjoying a day on the beach with an ice cream, Kiers is sitting enjoying hers, but stops to smile, wearing her pink Dora sunglasses and her new PONYTAIL.  (By the way, she got a package today from the US with a BEAUTIFUL jewelry box, jewelry, and purple Tinkerbell sunglasses, but they will just NOT do, you know?)
I took the girls for an impromptu beach trip because it was such a hot day and we had a great time splashing in the waves and enjoying our picnic.  So fun!  Then we returned home because our shipment of Ubuntu donated goods from the States with some fun stuff for us too.

And Kieren got her first KITCHEN!  She loves kitchens and always plays in them when they are anywhere and now has her OWN in our kitchen!  
This is ALL Karen Latta and we couldn't have gotten a better present - of course unless she came here herself, or any of you for that matter :)

Kieren is really growing up SO MUCH!  She learned to say she is TWO and sung herself the happy birthday song all day.  She had such a hard time taking a nap or going to sleep at night because she was just too excited about the day.  I sat with her in her room until she fell asleep (our new ritual since she is scared of sleep these days...) and she kept sitting up and having conversations with her Dora, Boots, Diego (new from shipment), and 'Drake' dog (a stuffed animal that looks like the Latta's family dog).  I would tell her lay back down, and then she would be up again talking to all of them.  

My life is perfection. 

Lots of love,

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Beth said...

a pony + belly + drake doll = perfection x 10000 :) LOVE it! miss you guys, Bethie