Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Pookie

My little munchkin turns 2 years old today!  I can't believe it!  It seems like just yesterday that this
was happening. What a life changing event! But I'm more in love with this little girl now than I was on that day. It just increases EVERY day. I think most men are probably like me in that their love for their kids grows each day. Women have an amazing love for their children even before they come out of the womb. But men need interaction and response, so our love grows as our child develops.

Kieren is now in the period where she is talking to me, expressing her feelings, and having so much fun. My little girl affectionately calls me "Casey". I remember when I thought it was so weird and funny that CJ Sasser called his dad, "Sass", but now I'm that guy! She can call me whatever she likes. When we turn on the TV together she laments, "No soccer, no soccer." So we watch football or basketball instead (yeah, right). She has inherited by 'gift' and when she expresses herself in that way she say, "I farted" and laughs. You know I love that! And most nights we head to bed, I read her some books, we pray to Jesus, I get my routine of kisses and high fives, and then I tell her how much I love her and how special she is. It's true and I fall in love with her more each day. I trust that my love will grow more and more each day.


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