Thursday, January 6, 2011

New For You

Another (not near as important) newsflash.

We have made some simple changes to our blog that will allow you to respond more to our brilliant diatribes.  At the bottom you can now check a quick response that would be hilarious, deep, inspiring, or not cool.  Check one when you read - would love to hear your thoughts!  Also, now ANYONE can post comments to our blog!  Yes!  You don't need a 'google' account.  Just click on the 'number' of comments at bottom of post, and then you can either log onto your goggle account OOORRRR just click the 'anonymous' button and hollar at us!  Can't wait to hear from more of you!

Lots of love,


Amy said...

I chose "deep"...just had to try it. ;) Love you guys!

Dr. J said...

I really like the new format! The identity theft and taxi acci not so much.