Thursday, January 6, 2011


As if we don't ask for enough we have another thing you can be praying for us about.  I got rear-ended by a taxi van yesterday.  I'm fine, Kieren didn't even wake up from her nap, but it did kind of scare me and it messed up the car a bit.  I had never been hit that hard, so it took me a while to catch my breath, and I was sure that the car was crushed.  But it turned out to be a scratched bumper, a puncture in the bumper, and a broken taillight.  The guy who owns the taxi is supposed to pay for it, but I'm sure I'm going to have to stay on him about it!  The taxi owners don't have insurance so it's going to have to come out of his pocket.  You can be praying for that.

Last week some of you may have noticed that on facebook/twitter that I had posted about us experiencing some serious fraud and identity theft.  Well, you can keep praying about that, too.  Seems our card was skimmed and then cloned at an ATM here.  Basically these dudes put a fake face plate on the ATM that has a scanner that reads your car info as it goes into the real ATM.  From there they made a fake version of our card, took it to Johannesburg and spent over $8,000 over a 7 day period at Christmas.  They had a Merry Christmas!!  Seems to be a big racket with people here stealing the info, people there buying the stuff, people in the stores letting them buy with a fake card, and then people selling the stuff in markets.  I've made a case with the police here, so hopefully they will actually put the time & resources into it.  I haven't heard anything from our bank in the States, but we're hopeful that we'll be protected and get all that money back.  So, pray for grace & mercy with the Credit Union and justice with the police in South Africa.  

Like Sarah said recently, we've really come against some challenges this past year, but it's amazing how peaceful we are in Him.  Most of this stuff doesn't really bother me it sort of just rolls off my back.  We are dealing with it, but just not stressed, because God is our provider & protector.  

We would cherish your prayers, though!


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