Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Update

Hello all!

So I am a big nerd and STILL sore from our work at Hillsong this weekend!  We went on Saturday to help with renovations on the new building and Casey and I were outside on 'landscaping.'  That meant Casey and Michael Jenkins helped cut down massive, overgrown bushes and I was 'weeding' a big area that will become a new parking lot.  At times I used a spade sort-of thing and was working hard because I was SO sore and tired the rest of the day. 
My favorite was people trying to chop down overgrown grass and weeds using a shovel as a machette. Very African.

It all reminded me of days of working in the yard on Timber Ridge, ahhh....  We don't have a 'yard' anymore since we live on the church grounds, and we let them keep it pretty simple.  I like that so we don't draw attention to our house like 'rich white people live here!!' - our yard and outside of our house are very understated.  Just like our personalities :)

We had a great time helping a couple hundred people 'love the house' at the new Hillsong property and got to meet lots of new people.  Many of our friends were there and it made us all so proud to be a part of the new building.  Before, Friday night we had a big braii 'cookout' with a bunch of our friends and had a great time connecting with people.  There are some new mama's in the bunch and some moms-to-be, so that was fun.  Kieren hung out with a friend, Lana, who just turned 4, and they were playing and laughing HYSTERICALLY.  Too cute.  Back to Saturday, after landscaping, we hosted a going-away party for Kindra, one of the long-term Living Hope volunteers who is leaving today.  Then went to Jenks house for some rugby watching and another braii.  Antony and Ben joined us for the weekend, and Kieren had her first rugby lesson from Ben.  She loves Ben, shouting 'BEN!' all the time.  Kieren and I left early to put her and me to bed :)  Sunday we had church at Ocean View and they were all SO excited to have Ben and Antony there.  They even made them share in our testimony time!!  They did great, and visiting Granny even sang a song.  She has an AMAZING voice!!  When we kidnap her and bring her to the States for a visit remind me to make her sing for you  :)  Then we rested a bit Sunday afternoon, Casey and some boys watched some soccer, then went to the Muizenburg flea market with the Ostrand family, Americans who recently returned to SA to serve as missionaries full-time.  Then Hillsong and dinner afterwards.  Yes, WHEW is right.  Did I mention I took TWO naps on Sunday.  One normal one and then I was still tired so just laid down again to rest and pray.  Delicious.

Monday is here again and we are excited for what is ahead!  Our minds are eagerly FILLED with Ntgozo and still don't know if her family will let her stay with us.  PLEASE PRAY for this situation and even that we could connect with the family so they don't think we see them as 'bad.'  I think there are a lot of emotions involved in this whole story and even things we don't know yet, you know?  Other than that lots of other stuff too, but just excited to see all the fun things God surprises us with.  He is sneaky!

Lots of love,

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