Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Musings

It is Tuesday morning and I am sitting in an office at the new preschool that Kieren is going to start at.  I LOVE THIS PLACE.  Casey teases me because I am a big nerd about it, but it's heavenly to me.  It's called 'Enchanted Gardens' and it's very hippie-esque.  I want to be a hippie so I will go ahead and begin living my dreams through Kieren at age one...  There is a farm here, and a sheep named Jared roams around and came to say hi to Casey and I today.  He's like a dog.  Kieren is loving it and just ate lunch with all her friends.  I spied on her and it was deliciously cute.  I have been asked how I feel about her going to 'school' and I am the one pushing it, so in some ways very READY, but also like, awww she is growing up!  So mixed feelings.  This will be a great place for her to socialize and grow and learn.

My thoughts and prayers for this week are about Kieren as she grows and learns.  She is recently obsessed with coloring and circles.

She exclaims these words throughout the day and we must promptly get out the supplies or draw circles on the chalkboard wall in her room.  She loves shapes and has a puzzle book she does hourly with different ones.  Kieren is laughing a lot lately and Casey and I both fight to be the main comedian in her life.  We will do anything and her laugh is as delicious as ever.  She throws her head back in abandon and cackles.  Too fun.

Oh, another obsession is bubbles, so we spend a great deal of time outside blowing and popping them.  She is very active and happy these days, and just learning so much.  It's so fun to know she will now be at school learning things I didn't even think of - like today she painted here for the first time!  It was brilliant!

What a gift of JOY Kieren is to our lives, and we are thankful and blessed.


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