Friday, October 29, 2010

Loving on my View women

One of my favorite times of the week is Monday nights, and that sentiment is shared by a group of women here in Ocean View because it is when we get together for our women's group.  It's some women from the Methodist church but other women from many other churches and it has become a lively family.  This month we have been studying the Proverbs 31 women and having a Bible study instead of our usual sharing.  It's been a rich time of learning and sharing as we are challenged by God to grow into the women He longs for us to be.  This past week was our final study of Proverbs 31 and we even had certificates of completion of the study (seriously, people around here LOVE certificates) and a celebration for Charmaine James' birthday.  It's been such a wonderful group and now we are going to evolve into a weekly Bible study for the women of Ocean View instead of our small and intimate group.  It's a big change but these women are ready to reach out and love others.  I am so excited for what is ahead!

To read Proverbs 31 Bible Study, Week Four, click here.


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