Friday, October 29, 2010

Good Things

This weekend we are excited about what is happening at Hillsong Church Cape Town as they are taking their 'Heart for the House' offering.  Wow, I just realized how weird this is that I am writing a blog saying I am excited about my church's 'money' weekend - but I am!!  There are so many exciting things happening at Hillsong, and each year they take one big offering for church building and major outreach and call it 'Heart for the House.'  This year they are focusing on a project in a township of Cape Town called Gugualetu where they are building dormitories for a school named Timbuletu that is for physically disabled kids.  This dorm will change these kids lives and it's been an incredible project.  Hillsong is also moving soon into a new church building we are renting, and so we are taking an offering for that, and on Saturday will help hundreds of other church peeps to clean and build and remodel the building.  We are excited - again, isn't this STRANGE!!  We just love this church and the life it gives us and so many in this city.  We truly have a HEART for this house and the bigger HOUSE of God!  You can check out more info about it here:


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