Friday, October 29, 2010

Time For War


So we need you guys to really come around this new relationship with Ntgozo and PRAY for us!  We have let Bethany, the head of Baby Safe ministry, know that we want Ntgozo to come live with us for a month, and she has said she will now speak with Ntgozo and family, but we haven't heard anything back yet.  I am now living in a new anxiety!  Before I was anxious about the whole idea of letting this stranger come to live in our home and now I love this beautiful young girl and am anxious her family won't let her come to live here!  Ntgozo did tell us that her aunt and uncle she lives with do not want her to live with a foster family and instead just want her to move back to Durban with her other family, where she lives in a rural area and will likely not even finish school.  God is working in her life HERE and her son is HERE!  She wants to be here, she just needs a loving environment.  When we met with Bethany two weeks ago she told us that she believes there is a spiritual war on Ntgozo's life and now I agree.  I feel like I feel it even.  God is doing incredible and beautiful things in her and the enemy is trying to stop every bit of it.  So we need prayers.  We need faith.  We need you to fight for Ntgozo's life in prayer and ask God to make something big and miraculous happen so her family will release her to come live with us.  It can happen!

We'll keep you updated, and in the meantime, be on your knees!

Lots of love,

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