Friday, November 26, 2010

Book Review by Sarah

'Generous Justice' by Tim Keller

"In Christ we receive grace, unmerited favour. Nevertheless, in the mind of the Old Testament prophets as well as the teaching of Jesus, an encounter with grace inevitably leads to a life of justice. (p49)"
Oh my gosh, this book has just rocked my world.  Tim Keller is an incredible preacher and pastor in New York City, and we went to a seminar of his on the 'Urban Church' a month ago.  He has an incredible vision for the church, justice, and  unity.  I bought this book at his seminar and have been so excited to read it - and it did not disappoint!  There are so many nuggets of deep Biblical wisdom in this book, but he share and challenges in a way that is inviting and not judgemental.  The read is filled with great and humbling stories of him seeing justice played in his church and world, and what happens when we miss God's call to 'do' justice to those around us.  I am obviously someone that LOVES this subject matter, but I thoroughly enjoyed every chapter and learned so many new things, perspective, and incredible truths from God's word.  I wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who cares about justice, doesn't care about justice, or just wants a great read to learn about God's heart for the world.  You won't regret this one!

Overall Grade: A+
"I believe, however, when justice for the poor is connected not to guilt but to grace and the gospel, this ‘pushes the button’ down deep in believers’ souls, and they begin to wake up." (p107)

"It is also impossible to separate word and deed ministry from each other in ministry because human beings are integrated wholes – body and soul. When some Christians say, ‘Caring for physical needs will detract from evangelism’, they must be thinking of only doing evangelism among people who are comfortable and well-off." (p141-142)

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