Thursday, November 25, 2010

Book Review by Sarah

"Ikasi" by Sharlene Swartz

Recently a book was recommended to me, written by a South African author exploring the moral lives of teenagers in townships.  Ughh it was SO GOOD and just really fit me where I am at right now and with all the things I am thinking through.  God is really challenging me lately to reach out to the youth and teenagers of Ocean View and this book helped me to get into the minds and hearts of what they are working through in their lives.  The township teenagers of South Africa are incredibly unique because they are the first generation to be born and grow up in the chaos and horrors of these streets.  It has formed them in unimaginable ways and produced a unique moral landscape for them to work through.  This book was insanely academic and probably would BORE most of you, but really informed my understanding of the moral life of the teenagers around and us and gives me great hopes for the steps we long to make toward them.  Of importance are mentors and space to process and think through who they want to be and what choices they want to make.  The youth are not lost and beyond hope!  I am so thankful for this work that has deeply moved and inspired me!

Overall Grade: A

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